Monday, 23 January 2012

Blouse Vintage Fashion

It is without a question that vintage blouses is becoming one of most prevalent genre of fashion. Its unique pattern and detail exudes originality, which appeal to those seeking to stand out from the crowd. There are abundant styles of vintage fashion to suit your personal taste from all kinds of different eras. In order to look your best with vintage clothing, you need to implement it to contemporary society and hence, a hybrid blend of vintage with modern clothing is recommended.

One of the best ways to get started is to model off celebrities whom flaunts the vintage look successfully such as Alexa Chung. In saying that, it is important to select those celebrities with similar body proportions to you and to keep it simple. A single vintage piece can provide a high level of sophistication to your outfit. For example, you can mix your vintage blouse with a vintage mini skirt or pencil skirt. The idea is to emphasize a single vintage piece by pairing it up with modern piece(s).

Alexa chung with blouse


  1. Alexa chung looks beautiful with this vintage style.
    I ♥ her.

  2. Bonito blog, gracias por compartir, me gusta.


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